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Warrenpoint Baptist Church



Three people first set up Warrenpoint Baptist church in 1926. These three people were Mr Billy Hodge, Mr Jack Kells and Mr John Whitese. It was first set up as a Mission Hall. The founders dreamed to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to convert non-believers into Christianity. By the 1960ís, the mission Hall became a constitutional Baptist Church and became a member of the Union of Baptist Churchís in Ireland. The first Pastor was James Mc Manus who served God in the Baptist Church until the 1980ís when he retired. The current Pastor is Mr Derek Freeburn who has served the Baptist Church since 1983 for Godís good work. The Church itself meets twice on Sundayís for services at:


11Am and 7Pm.

Along with a midweek Bible Class on:

Tuesday 8:15Pm.

Also there is a Bible Club for Children and Teenagers on:

*Wednesday 6:45Pm - 7:45Pm. *

There are also Prayer Meetings on: 

Wednesday and Thursday 8:30Pm

In the memberís homes.


The Pastor Derek Freeburn can be contacted at:


34 Lassara Heights


BT34 3PG


*Please note the Bible club does not meet during May, June, July or August.*

Thanks to Pastor Freeburn for this Information

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